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Our mission is to shape the future of aviation training by delivering regional training excellence through collaboration with educational facilities and UK regional airlines.  We aim to emphasise training and skills development by carefully selecting the best Instructors in the business.  We will always aim to place the customer first and work closely with them to ensure a high standard product can be delivered without exception.


All of our instructors are highly experienced and dedicated to regional aviation training.  Having spent many years operating for regional airlines, we know about regional aviation - and we know about training.



Stuart Mitchell

Head of Training/TRE

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Vast experience gained

from over 37 years in aviation,

having served 19 years in the military followed by 18 years in commercial aviation.  Experienced Chief Pilot for Europe’s largest regional airline, responsible for safety and efficiency

of 3 aircraft fleets.

Jon May

Head of Commercial/TRE


An exceptional 35 year

aviation industry and airline training career, including 17 years in the Royal Air Force as a pilot.  Formerly Head of Crew Training for Europe’s largest regional airline.  Determined commitment to assist and develop others. 

Ben Bradbury

Head of Ground Instruction/TRE


A highly skilled aviation

expert, formerly a Senior Training Captain for Europe’s largest regional airline.  Experience includes 12 years’ in the aviation sector with an extensive operational and training portfolio, including delivery of innovative projects and reputable training.

James Smart



Following 40 years of aviation experience, 25 years in training roles with senior management positions including Fleet Management, Pilot Management and Head of Crew Training, now an Aviation Training Consultant and freelance TRI/TRE on the Embraer 170/190.

Shaun Mcconnell



An experienced aviation

professional with an extensive training portfolio both inside and outside the industry. Previously a Senior Training Captain with Europe's largest regional airline. Committed to solid integration of human and non-technical skills to the training landscape, to assure the highest levels of safety and development

Mark Sharples

Head of Finance/TRE


An enthusiastic, safety driven,

aviation promoter with an extensive aviation career that spans 30 years.  Over 20 years airline and senior training management experience including fulfilment of a Senior Training Captain role for Europe’s largest regional airline.

Nick Dufton



A diverse aviation and

management background including

19 years’ experience within the airline industry holding the post of Senior Training Captain.  Experienced in preparing aviation training courses, and as a TRI tutor on both

simulator and aircraft.

Hannah Roberts

Training Coordinator


Considerable experience in

training administration and coordination at one of Europe's largest airlines.  

"We care, we support, we aspire."

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