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Season's greetings to you all from everyone at Aspire Flight Training!



I think we’d all agree that 2020 didn’t live up to our hopes and expectations! It has challenged us in ways we never imagined, let alone expected. There have been so many ‘negatives’ but there have been many ‘positives’ too. Let’s celebrate these positives and use them as encouragement to work even harder to recover and improve the aviation industry in 2021 and beyond.

The emergence of wonderful support organisations (for example Resilient Pilot, Aviation Action, Project Wingman and many more), promoting mental and physical wellbeing has been a huge plus and something the industry has been missing. Closer to home, former Flybe colleagues have been supporting one another as best they can to ‘ride out the storm’. In June ‘ex-Flybe’ TREs volunteered their services for free to complete more than seventy Licence Proficiency Checks that were pending when Flybe went into administration. AltSeL has done a great job for some of their former Dash colleagues and we here at Aspire Flight Training are proud to have supported nearly one hundred Dash 8 and E190 pilots maintain their ratings, many of whom received financial support thanks to Aspire being officially recognised as a Department of Work and Pensions Training Provider. We were also very pleased to have an Aspire TRE and TRI successfully complete revalidation of their qualifications under the supervision of the UK CAA.

Aspire Flight Training collaborates with Flight Safety International, Lufthansa Aviation Training and CAE. We are delighted to have signed agreements for the dry lease of Dash 8 and E190 Full Flight Sims through to July 2021 and beyond. We would like to thank all three organisations (especially their wonderful staff) for the help and support they have provided in 2020.

ASPIRE FLIGHT TRAINING – 2021 and beyond.

The challenges within the aviation industry, and particularly the UK Regional Aviation Training sector, are going to be considerable in 2021. The lack of suitable training devices (particularly Full Flight Sims), suitably qualified and equipped training providers and growing ‘skills fade’ are all considerable obstacles that will hinder and complicate the recovery. This needs to be addressed immediately.

Aspire Flight Training’s mission is to ensure these resources are available, that they are of the highest quality, that trainers can truly train competency and provide a new, improved experience for the trainee. Our goal is a safer and more efficient operation for the industry. We are not going to achieve this alone. We need everyone with an interest in seeing our colleagues return to employment, our customers better served and the whole industry ‘getting back up off the floor’, to work collaboratively for the greater good and not solely in their own organisation’s interests.



Aspire will continue to support pilots wishing to revalidate their Dash 8 or E190 Type Ratings in 2021. This will be in the UK primarily, but we will also use the services of our overseas partners if required.

We realise that the opportunities for alternative employment are limited and the ‘stretch’ on finances has increased. The increasing time away from the aircraft makes maintaining our technical and operational knowledge a real challenge and increases the probability of ‘skill fade’. Aspire will therefore be announcing new support and pricing options (such as online tutorials, skills recovery exercises), in the New Year. These will be aimed at supporting everyone and make the maintenance of qualifications and skills as accessible as possible.

This Festive Season is going to be tough for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact Aspire Flight Training if you need some advice or just need someone to chat to. We are here to support you in whatever we can? (If we can’t, we will direct you to one our partner organisations who can.)

Thank you to all our colleagues who have shared the sim with us so far. We send you our best wishes for 2021 and will be ready to welcome you again should you need us. We send good tidings to our former Flybe colleagues, FSI, LAT, CAE, our support partners and everyone in the aviation sector. Working together we will weather the pandemic and turn the tide of fortune.

May you and your families stay safe, find some peace and enjoyment over the Festive period, and go onto to thrive in 2021.



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