We understand that you may have questions and we will do our best to answer the most common.  If you have any questions that we haven't been able to answer below, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do I need a valid type rating to find a job?

You do not need a current rating to apply for, be interviewed or offered a commercial flying job. If you have a specific job offer with a documented requirement for a valid Type rating, it would obviously be advisable to meet those requirements (assuming you want the job). A current Type Rating does not guarantee you any advantage over a pilot without a valid Type Rating. However, due to the additional costs involved in renewing a rating, many airlines will look more favourably on a pilot with a current rating.

What is the difference between a revalidation and a renewal?

A type rating revalidation is carried out during the period of licence validity and requires just an LPC. A type rating renewal is required when the type rating has expired. Usually additional training is required to renew the licence.

Why should I keep my rating valid?

Once a type rating has been allowed to lapse, it must be "renewed". A licence renewal requires additional training prior to the LPC with costs likely to be around three times that of a licence revalidation.

Can you offer licence renewals?

As a UK CAA Approved Training Organisation (ATO), we are able to offer licence renewals using our own team of highly experienced instructors. Every renewal requirement is difference but you could expect some online groundschool, 2 x simulator training sessions followed by the LPC.

Can I choose my sim partner?

Yes. When placing your booking, you can specify your preferred sim partner. We will then do our best to match both pilots to the same session. Practice sessions and LPCs do not require "a properly constituted crew". That means that sessions can be with two captains or two first officers.

Can I carry out the LPC on my own?

Should you wish to complete your LPC without another pilot who is also under test, or if we are unable to match a pilot to your required slot, a seat-filler will be required. Please note that use of a seat-filler incurs an additional cost of £200.

Are you an Approved Training Organisation?

Yes, Aspire Flight Training is a UK CAA Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Our ATO registration is GBR.ATO-0530.