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Collaboration with other like-minded organisations really is at the heart of Aspire Flight Training's thinking.  During these difficult times for aviation, Aspire Flight Training is working tirelessly to ensure the very best deals and opportunities are available to the entire regional aviation pilot community.


Lufthansa Aviation Training's full-flight simulators are able to offer a flight training that meets the latest technical standard and is tailor-made for the requirements of modern airlines. Capable of adapting their simulators so that they reflect a fleet‘s systems environments and cockpit layouts as well as an airline‘s procedures. This enables pilots to orient their training to accord with their own line operations.

You can visit Lufthansa Aviation Training here.


FlightSafety International designs, manufactures, and integrates the highest quality and most advanced simulation products in the world.  FlightSafety leverages decades of experience and world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide a powerful suite of innovative products.  Controlling all aspects of the product suite allows FlightSafety to attain unmatched vertically integrated excellence among all products.  Fully Integrated Training is a theme across FlightSafety’s suite of products, tying the training experience together across platforms to empower both instructor and user.

You can visit FlightSafety here.


AirlinePrep is the leading airline pilot interview and assessment training provider in Europe. AirlinePrep was established to expose and train current and future airline pilots in the varied and challenging recruitment methods that airlines and training providers use to assess and recruit their pilots. Their mission is simple – to give you the best chance of being successfully recruited!

You can visit AirlinePrep here.

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Whatever your background, the team at Flight Deck Wingman are on hand to help you secure your dream airline job.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your pilot journey, or are looking to move on, Flight Deck Wingman will be a true “Wingman” for your journey. They have extensive experience assisting aspiring pilots, current commercial pilots and military pilots apply to and pass their Airline or Flight School pilot assessment process as they seek out that dream job on the flight deck.

You can visit Flightdeck Wingman here.


T-C-Alliance is a membership collaboration of training and consultancy organizations within the aviation community.

The objectives of the alliance are to develop and promote high-quality standards in the service of aviation training and consultancy personnel and to foster and maintain collaborations for the betterment of the industry and its personnel and organisational development.

The ethos of T-C-Alliance is bringing together innovations that increase quality assurance whilst actively helping reduce economic burdens on the organization and industry both in the short-medium and long-term.

You can visit T-C-ALLIANCE here.



Resilience is key in today’s industry; it’s a vital characteristic for pilots and a ‘buzz word’ in airline recruitment and training. Resilience is developed by improving confidence and competence. In the absence of the support of the normal working and training environment (eg. during a period of furlough or displacement, and whilst awaiting employment opportunities), Resilient Pilot will provide industry connections to help develop effective strategies to maintain competency and confidence, and build resilience.

You can visit RESILIENT PILOT here.

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