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Working in partnership with Lufthansa Aviation Training and CAE, we are able to offer world-class flight training facilities including level D Full Flight Simulators, ensuring the highest level of realism.

All of our simulator sessions are in Full Flight Simulators, offering the highest level of realism and training.


Located in Vienna, Austria, our level D Full Flight Simulator offers the highest level of realism available.



Electronic Circuit

Our Dash 8Q400 simulator utilises an industry leading electric motion and control loading system,  Simulators equipped with this technology offer the highest level of aircraft fidelity, enhanced performance and increased availability due to a reduction in maintenance requirements and increased reliability.


The simulators also offer environmental advantages compared to previous generation devices as they produce less heat, lower levels of ambient noise and provide a safer environment due to the elimination of the risks often associated with hydraulic fluids as well as our dependency on petroleum products. It also features Flight Safety’s advanced VITAL visual system offering highly detailed, texture enhanced scenes and excels in its realistic presentation of both routine and critical weather conditions


Aspire Flight Training

Vienna Airport, Austria (Q400)

London Gatwick, UK (EMB 170/190)


Located just 3 miles from Gatwick Airport, close to London, our level D Full Flight Simulator offers the highest level of realism available.

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